Five best intelligent robot vacuum cleaners

Five best intelligent robot vacuum cleaners 2021

Don’t have enough time to clean your house? We understand that nowadays it is more and more difficult to work, be socially active and, in addition, keep the house clean. Especially if you have pets or children, the task of organizing the house seems to have no end.

Don’t worry, we have something to tell you.

The robot vacuum cleaner will take care of leaving your house spotless. While you are watching your favorite series, cooking, or taking a relaxing shower, it will take care of leaving your home free of lint and dust.

In this article, we will tell you which are the best 5 robot vacuum cleaners of 2021, and we will tell you everything you need to know to choose the most appropriate one

How to choose a good robot vacuum cleaner?

If you are thinking of buying a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important that you take into account the characteristics and attributes that make a robot vacuum cleaner the best:

Power: The higher the power, the better it will clean, but it also generates more noise. High power is recommended for cleaning carpets, rugs, hair, and dust in general. Although to know how thoroughly it can clean, you should look at the arrangement of the brushes. It may be that your vacuum cleaner is very powerful, but its brushes are not well located, so it will not fulfill its function as it should.

Brushes and rollers: It is very important that you have brushes on the sides. Ideally, a brush is located on each side, so dirt is pushed into the vacuum nozzle. If you choose a model with a central roller, you have to consider that there are different types of brushes, depending on the shape will depend on the effectiveness when using them for carpets or animal hair.

Battery: The autonomy and its charging time are other key points for the choice. Clearly, the longer the battery lasts, the better. In general, the autonomy of the batteries is around 2 hours, with a full charge at 100%. Charging time is 2 to 6 hours, depending on the model.

Sensors: There are two types of sensors. Optical sensors that detect obstacles when they collide with them. These types of sensors recognize whether there is light ahead, or not. While other vacuums work by mapping the house using lasers (this makes them more accurate), gyros, or cameras. Vacuum cleaners that have the latter system tend to have higher prices.

Design: Models that are larger tend to be more complete in their functionalities and have the advantage of not being hampered by almost anything that gets in the way. However, unlike the smaller models, they do not easily access small corners and spaces. 

Programming: Good news! With some models, you can schedule cleanings from your cell phone. In the case that it does not have an integration with your cell phone, the robot vacuum cleaner will have a remote control so that you can also be close to it.

HEPA filter: Allergy attention! The HEPA filter is responsible for retaining the dust that generates allergies for many people. So it is important that, if you are allergic, be sure to look among the characteristics of your model that has this filter. 

Deposit capacity: This depends on the needs of each one. Cleaning a small apartment or where little dust is generated during the day is not the same as cleaning a house with a larger surface or where there are pets. For a place without much dust generation, a 0.3-liter tank is sufficient. If the generation of dust is higher, you probably need a tank of 0.5 liters or more.

Accessories: it is important that when buying you take into account what accessories you bring and if the spare parts for those accessories are easy to get. Often times the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners do not include accessories or spare parts. 

Noise: Robotic vacuum cleaners are quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners. From 70 dB its noise is considered “annoying”. In the ECO intensity, its noise is around 65 dB, depending on the model. When you turn on the turbo, your dB will increase and the noise will be noticeable.

What are the best robot vacuum cleaners?

Gadnic Z970Gadnic Z900Gadnic Clean Duo Z980 Liectroux ZK901 Liectroux ZK808
Height7,8 cm7,4 cm10 cm7,8 cm7,8 cm
Cleaning modes33533
Maximum effective area220 m2150/200 m2150/220 m2250 m2200 m2
Dust container600 ml600 ml1 L450 ml600 ml
Water tank330 ml350 ml180 ml450 ml350 ml

Gadnic Z970 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Gadnic Z970 Main Features
Suction power: 3000 PA suction  
Effective work area: between 160 and 220m2
Navigation: 2D map, newest existing mapping system
Control by App: Ask your robot what you want it to do, from wherever you are.
Remote Control: Local, remote control
Cleaning Modes: Multiple vacuuming, sweeping, and wet or dry mopping cleaning modes.
Tanks: easy to change
Water tank capacity: 0.33 L  
Dust bin capacity: 0.6 L
Height: 7.8 cm
Cleaning: with Hepa Filters
Weight: 3kg
Autonomy: up to 2 hours
Noise: ≤65db
Led Display: Provides information, work status, time, and running program.

The Gadnic Z970 robot vacuum cleaner is one of the few on the market with TRIPLE ACTION: vacuums, dries, sweeps, and mops wet or dry. You will not have to do anything. Ideal for surfaces from 160 to 220 m2. Easily clean large spaces in your home. Its large tank allows the vacuum to clean without having to empty it every so often. Its low height makes it possible to clean under furniture without having to move it, such as under the counter or bed. Its system of strategically located rollers allows a better vacuuming of carpets. Its powerful suction power will not miss any detail. And best of all, despite the suction power, it is very quiet

Thanks to its state-of-the-art navigation system, it will recognize the sectors where the work is going to be carried out. Are you ready to see your home like never before?

What does the Gadnic Z970 include?

  • Z970 Robot Vacuum
  • Loading station 
  • Remote Control (batteries not included)
  • Approved Charger 
  • Garbage Deposit 
  • Electric water tank 
  • Cleaning brush 
  • Extra side brush X 2
  • Extra HEPA filter 
  • Mop extra 
  • User manual in Spanish 
Multiple functions: vacuum, sweep and mop wet or dry
Low height, allows you to reach under furniture
Strategically located roller system
Great suction power
Sweep speed in silent mode, produces some noise
It can get stuck because the brushes get entangled with hairs.

Why choose Gadnic Z970?

It is the solution to several of your problems thanks to its triple action: vacuum, sweep, and mop. It will do everything for you. Clean your entire house so that it shines, without losing sight of any detail. It cleans large spaces as it has great suction power. It is super quiet which will make you love it even more.

No matter where you are, you can get your robot vacuum clean the floor from your cell phone. When you arrive, you will find your wonderful home. Ask your robot what you want, while you are elsewhere.

Gadnic Z900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Gadnic Z900 main features
Cleaning Modes: Multiple vacuuming, sweeping, and wet or dry mopping cleaning modes.  
Effective work area: between 150 and 200m2
Navigation: 2D map, newest existing mapping system
Control by App: (The App works only connected with a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network.)
Remote Control: Local, remote control
Led display: Provides info, work status, time, and running program
Interior Positioning System: Evaluates the context in which it is and based on that information performs the cleaning  
Water tank capacity: 0.35 L
Dust bin capacity: 0.6 L
Height: 7.4cm
Weight: 2.7 grams
Watts: 28 W
Autonomy: up to 2 hours

With Gadnic Z900 your floors will be radiant. It’s quiet, that’s why you can watch a movie, study, or work while your floors are being cleaned. 

This vacuum cleaner has Anti Collision sensors, in this way it will not be damaged, nor will it damage your furniture. Once its work is finished, it will automatically go to the charging base by itself, to be always ready to leave your house sparkling. 

You can turn it on from the application of your cell phone, from your work, school, gym, from wherever you want. Its ultra-slim design allows it to reach places out of reach.

It includes:

  • Z900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Loading station 
  • Remote Control (batteries not included)
  • Approved Charger 
  • Garbage Deposit 
  • Electric water tank 
  • Cleaning brush 
  • Extra side brush x 2
  • Extra HEPA filter 
  • Fregona extra 
  • User manual in Spanish 
Good suction power
You can turn it on from your cell phone
Compact and ultra-slim design
Strategically placed roller for more efficient quiet cleaning
No other product can be added for the mopping function with water

Why choose Gadnic Z900?

With the Gadnic Z900, your floors will look great. It can be turned on from wherever you are with your cell phone, when you come home, it has surely already done all the work for you, reaching the most difficult places thanks to its ultra-slim design. If instead, you choose to turn it on while you are at home, we can assure you that you will not find out, it does not make annoying noises.

Aspiradora robot Gadnic Clean Duo Z980

Gadnic Clean Duo Z980 Main Features
Effective work area: 150 / 220m2  
Power: 25W
Cleaning modes: vacuuming, mopping and polishing.
Height: 10cm
Weight 3.3KG  
Dust bin capacity: 1 L
Water tank capacity: 0.18 L
Technology: antibacterial and disinfectant

Vacuum, sweep, and mop the floor until it looks amazing. Your floor will be free of stains, hair, and dust. And the best of all is that it has 5 cleaning modes: auto mode (Zigzag, spiral, and wall), fixed point, a specific area, scheduled (you can choose day and time), and floor mopping. 

Thanks to its obstacle detector you will pass continuously without interruptions. With its anti-fall sensor, it will allow you to leave it working without worrying about it being damaged.   

It includes:

  • Z980 robot vacuum 
  • Dust tank 
  • Water tank 
  • Mop x2
  • Side brushes x4
  • Loading station 
  • Blocking barrier 
  • HEPA filter 
  • Remote control 
  • Power supply 
Good price-quality ratio
UV light sterilization (kills viruses and bacteria)
Performs vacuuming, mopping, and polishing tasks Good dust deposit capacity
Goes through the same place several times
It usually gets entangled with cables, it is recommended that before switching it off you move away or cover the cables

Why choose Gadnic Clean Duo Z980?

Galenic Clean Duo Z980, with its new UV light sterilization technology, will kill most viruses and bacteria on your floors. This vacuum is not only comfortable and versatile, it is also reliable.

It stands out in the market for its 5 cleaning modes: it automatically cleans the floors so that you do not have to do any manual work. It can be programmed from a cell phone so that the vacuum cleaner cleans the house when they are not there, the remote control will help them guide the vacuum cleaner to specific areas or if they need it to clean a fixed point.

Plus, it features mopping mode making the floor incredibly shiny.

Liectroux ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Key features of Liectroux ZK901
Effective work area: up to 250m2  
Power: 3 levels
Charging time: 4 to 5 hours
Operating time: 100 to 120 min
Dust container capacity: 0.45 L  
Water tank capacity: 0.45 L
Height: 7.8 cm
Net weight: 2.7 kg

Liectroux ZK901 is perfect for cleaning your home surfaces (carpet, tile, and parquet) in an effective work area of ​​up to 250 m2, with 3 different cleaning modes, Spot edge, Auto and Schedule. It is a very quiet vacuum cleaner, very easy to use and clean. Its smart navigation system allows fast and targeted cleaning in areas where you need it most.

It includes:

  • Liectroux Zk901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dust Bin
  • Water Deposit
  • Mop with base
  • Get Up brand approved charger
  • Hepa filter
  • 2 side brushes
  • Brush cleaner
  • Manual in Spanish
Long duration battery
Large capacity effective working area
Easy to use
Smart navigation system that allows a more specific cleaning
Somewhat high price
Battery takes a long time to charge (4-5 hours)

Why choose Liectroux ZK901?

It cleans in an effective work area of ​​up to 250 m2, thanks to its intelligent navigation system it will clean the most necessary areas. It has 3 silent cleaning modes.

Liectroux ZK808 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Liectroux ZK808 Main Features
Effective work area: up to 200m2  
Smart navigation: 2D
Dust bin capacity 0.6L capacity
Water tank capacity: 0.35L
Noise: 55 dB
Height: 7.8 cm  
Charging time: 4 to 5 hours
Running time: 100-120 minutes
Net weight: 2.7 kg

This robot vacuum cleaner has a UV sterilization system, ideal if you have children and play on the floor. With very low noise, you will perform your work silently, in an effective work area of ​​up to 200m2. Thanks to its height of 7.8 cm it will easily pass under your furniture.

It includes :

  • Liectroux Zk808 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dust Bin
  • Water Tank
  • Mop with base
  • Get Up brand approved charger
  • Hepa filter
  • 2 side brushes
  • UV light for sterilization
  • Brush cleaner
  • Manual in Spanish
Go under furniture with ease
Has UV light for sterilization 
2D smart navigation, enables more specific work
It is achieved at a cheaper price than several of the models with similar characteristics
It takes a long time to fully charge your battery
It sometimes gets lost

Why choose Liectroux ZK808?

Thanks to its UV sterilization your children will be able to play on the floor without worrying. Its 2D navigation system allows effective cleaning in a short time, on surfaces up to 200 m2.

Best robot vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers

For those who are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that performs cleaning tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, and who are also allergic, they need a vacuum cleaner with Hepa filters such as the Gadnic Z970 robot vacuum. 

Best silent robot vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that does the job while you are at home, without being disturbed by noise and without distractionsLiectroux ZK808 is perfect for you. Still, the Clean Duo Z980 is one of the best value for money vacuums.